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How to package re:Mix for return
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Are you sending you re:Mix back to us? Here's how to package it, so that it arrives in the same condition as you send it. This also helps us refurbish your product more easily.

The safest way of sending it back to us is to use the original packaging. If you don't have it any more, see Using your own packaging

Using the original packaging

1. Clean your re:Mix

Please clean the body, head, and jar before sending it to us.

2. Insert the first cushion in the box

The little hole should be facing the back of the box, making room for the electrical cable.

3. Insert the mixer body

Please insert your mixer body in a tote bag, as this helps protect the mixer from scratches. Then, insert the body in the box, with the control knob facing the front of the box, and roll the cable around the mixer.

If you don’t have our tote bag any more, please use another one, or an equivalent packaging material.

4. Insert the second cushion

Press the top cushion onto the mixer. The two holes of the top cushion should be facing the back of the box.

Don't forget to add any print material you received from us: welcome-note, recipe poster, user manual.

5. Insert the jar

Prepare the jar by making a sandwich construction: One cushion, then the lid, the head screwed onto the jar, and finally the second cushion.

Note that the two jar cushions are not identical, only one way will work.

6. Close and tape the box

Close, then tape the box from all 3 sides that open, with strong tape.

Using your own packaging

If you don't have the original packaging, there are a couple of tips to keep in mind:

  • Screw the head onto the jar, to increase the jar strength

  • As a first layer, insert your mixer body in a tote bag, as this helps protect the mixer from scratches.

  • Use a carton box that's quite tight around the mixer (ideally no more than 2–3 centimetres larger than the contents)

  • Use filling material all around the mixer parts, so that they are locked in place and can't move any more.

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