My re:Mix does not start
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There are several reasons why your re:Mix might not switch on. Let's try to understand the issue a bit better.

1. Were you blending when the motor stopped working?

  • Yes, continue below

  • No, continue to point 2.

Check the locking of the jar

Unscrew the jar from the blades head and screw it in again. Make sure the surface between the jar and head is clean.

Check the locking of the head

Unscrew the head and screw it in on the mixer body again.

Unplug and let the motor cool off

Your re:Mix has an internal thermal breaker that shuts off the motor when it overheats. Unplug the motor base and let it cool for an hour before attempting to use it again. The thermal breaker will reset when the unit is unplugged and the thermal breaker cools down sufficiently.

2. Manually check if the motor is working

Please check manually if the motor is working.

⚠️ EXERCISE CAUTION when performing this step

  1. Plug in re:Mix and remove the blades head

  2. Turn the knob to position 1

  3. With your fingers away from the round motor gear, carefully press with your finger on the detection pin.

  4. If the motor is working as it should, the motor gear will start spinning.

See this video for a demonstration (currently only available in German)

3. Contact us

If you tried these steps in the right order, and are still experience issues, contact us at To help solve your case quickly, please describe the issue in detail, include pictures and videos if possible, and add mention your order number.

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