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Are the glass jars safe to use?
Are the glass jars safe to use?
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The safety of the glass jars was one of our primary concerns since we started working on re:Mix. It turns out that these jars are much stronger than one would assume.

Over 2 years, we have been blending intensively nut butters, hard seeds, ice cubes, cinnamon sticks and have had 0 accidents. In addition, the jar system has been certified by an independent lab we worked with, in accordance to the safety laws of the European Union.


The jars are made from 100% glass, which is one of the healthiest materials used for drinking containers. Contrary to many plastics, glass does not release any toxins into the food.

After all, it's for good reason that these jars haven't changed the design for decades, and are a standard way of conserving airtight food over long periods of time.

The use of incompatible jars may result in damage to your re:Mix or create safety hazards. Do not use a jar if you detect cracking, crazing, cloudiness or damage to the glass.

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