My jar doesn't fit
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1. Was this issue happening from the beginning?

  • Yes, continue to point 4

  • No, continue below

2. Did you dishwash the head or clean it with hot water?

  • Yes, continue to point 3

  • No, continue below

Rotate the jar

Sone jars might have small imperfections and might not be detected on your re:Mix. Try rotating the jar at least 45 degrees, and try it unto the head again.

Try another jar

Some jars might be slightly larger or small than others, despite their standardisation. Please try another jar.

Check the fitting of the jar

Untwist the jar from the blades head, then screw it in again. Make sure you're not accidentally pressing with your fingers unto the small detection pins when doing so.

3. Order another head

The head is not dishwasher-proof, should not be cleaned with hot water or used with hot foods. Doing any of these might deform the material of the head, making the fitting to standard jars difficult. If this is your case, you will unfortunately need a new head. You can order a new head here.

4. Contact us

If you tried these steps in the right order, and are still experience issues, contact us at To help solve your case quickly, please describe the issue in detail, include pictures and videos if possible, and add mention your order number.

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