The blades head is leaking
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There should be 0 leaking from the blades head.

1. Did you open the blades head for deep for cleaning?

  • Yes, continue

  • No, see point 2

Check the sealing

Make sure the parts are assembled as shown below. Take special attention that the 4 large rings of silicone seal are facing the metal plate.

2. Tighten the head unto the jar

Make sure the you are tightening the head well on the jar. It should feel like screwing a lid to the maximum.

3. Contact us

If you tried these steps in the right order, and are still experience issues, contact us at To help solve your case quickly, please describe the issue in detail, include pictures and videos if possible, and add mention your order number.

As indicated in the user manual, the material of the head can get damaged, and the head locker can come loose if you:

  • Blend foods above 40 degrees Celcius

  • Dishwash the head

  • Wash or soak the head in hot water

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